The Passage

A Representation of a Slave Ship

In the heart of By the River Center for Humanity she waits patiently for the opportunity to share her gifts of healing with all of mankind, especially those of African Descent.  In her belly she holds the memories of the pain and angst of those who were stolen from Africa.  She speaks passionately about the strength and determination of the Stolen Ones.  Allow yourself to travel back in time with her and she will bring you back to the future with a renewed spirit.  Thru the power of unconditional love she will help you break away any and all of the invisible shackles that you have knowingly or unknowingly placed on yourself.  Her love for mankind will inspire you to be a better human being.  Like Sojourner she knows that the Truth will set us all free.

 Like Harriet Tubman she never lost a passenger.


"Soul Prints of Our Ancestors & Ourselves"

Interactive Experience

Available by Appointment Only

(334) 505-6158



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