By the River  Center for Humanity is located at 1306 Water Avenue (Rear) one block east of the Historic St. James Hotel.  Our entrance faces  the Alabama River and the beautiful Riverfront Park Walk.  The Riverfront Park Walk offers you a wonderful opportunity to snap a couple of breathtaking pictures of the magnificent view of the Alabama River and the Historic Edmund Pettus Bridge.  

By the River Center for Humanity graciously extends to our visitors the courtesy of experiencing a year round indoor garden atmosphere with a dose of southern hospitality and a dash of Windy City charm.  Come and share a pitcher of good ole’ sweet tea or lemonade during the spring and summer months and a pot of coffee, a cup of hot coca or hot apple cider during the cool fall and winter days while shooting the breeze with beautiful extraordinary people such as yourself.

Register to participate in one of our many presentations or workshops. Come and enjoy our monthly talent showcase and experience Selma’s very own sweet voices of harmony and the incredible gifts of other local performers as well. You are more than welcome to share with us the songs of your heart or any other gifts that you may have to offer.

Purchase a box meal from your favorite restuarant and come and sit a spell with us.You bring the food and we’ll provide you with plenty of good ole fashion stimulating conversation in a peaceful loving environment By the River.

 Business Hours

Tuesday thru Friday 12 Noon to 6:00 P.M.

Saturday 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Other Hours Available by Appointment Only

Closed On Sunday

(334) 505-6158



Before you leave the Riverfront area please make sure to visit both


The Ancient Africa, Enslavement and Civil War Museum

1410 Water Avenue

(334) 526-2626



 The Old Depot Museum

9 Martin Luther King Street

(334) 874-2197


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