“Soul Prints of Our Ancestors & Ourselves”

Interactive Experience


In June 2005 thru the grace of God and the blessings of her Ancestors sister Afriye We-kandodis was inspired to create and conduct “Foot Prints of Our Ancestors,” an interactive dramatization that enable participants to gain a greater understanding of the embedded trauma of the Middle Passage and slavery. 


Sister We-kandodis has received hundreds of letters and cards from participants who shared how this stimulating and soul searching presentation was a life changing experience for them and their families.  In May 2008 Sister We-kandodis realized that this dramatization not only encouraged participants to embrace and learn from the past it also inspired them to move forward in the process of healing themselves and uplifting the human race.  It was then she decided to rename this magnificent healing piece to “Soul Prints of Our Ancestors and Ourselves.” 


Sister We-kandodis understands how important it is to collaborate with historians, schools, museums, various religious groups as well as other organizations in the spiritual healing of  not just African Americans but  all of humanity.  She also understands how equally important it is to present this powerful history correctly and on a professional level. 


As a humble servant of humanity she accepts the responsibility to tell the story of our Ancestors over, and over again so that we will never forget how important it is for us to…




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